Somewhere over the rainbow...

Who doesn't know the story of the Wizard of Oz? That magical story of clicking your heels 3 times to return home where you find your family and yourself...

Heather Herrington started the series with a daylily called 'Magic of Oz.' The series continued with her mom, Katisue registering more Day lies in the theme. Sadly, Katie Sue passed away in 2008. This is when Tim and Heather stepped in and continued the wildly popular 'Oz' collection, as well as hybridizing daylilies not related to the Oz theme.

How did we meet?
My daughter and I went shopping and bought a Daylily called 'Dorothy and Toto'. (This Daylily went on to win the highest award in the daylily world in 2015, the Stout Award.) Growing up Amanda worked in the garden and would make a wish list each year of what she would like to add and she soon learned there was a number of Oz daylilies! We added 'Magic of Oz' but she still wanted more! When her birthday neared her Grandma Grace aka 'Meina' asked her what she'd like and she showed her the Oz collection that Tim had that year (2009) and low and behold, she got that years offering and a very nice bonus! She immediately got the plants in the ground and made tags for them and announced we were adding an 'OZ' theme to our other themed gardens! She sent Tim and Thank You card for the bonus and he sent her an card back and thus began a friendship that has lasted the last 8 years. By the time they met face to face in 2013, they knew each other well but Amanda was still a nervous wreck, changing outfits all day until Tim arrived!

We grow a lot of Herrington daylilies and I am happy to say Tim has adopted me as His other Heather LOL.

We have had a lot of fun at Regionals and Conventions together and appreciate all the Herrington family has done to keep the spirit alive when everything seems stacked against us. His love and support is priceless.

We love the Herrington Family and have been known to click our heels and show up all the way down in Dublin, Georgia!   

Our Cast

Dorothy.....................................................Amanda "Jack" Hotaling
Scarecrow.................................................Heather Hotaling-Giglio
Wicked Witch of the West.......................Grace Rishell

  1. On the set
  2. Dorothy
  3. Dorothy, Scarecrow, and the Wicked Witch
  4. In the garden
  5. Dorothy in the garden
  6. The cast
  7. Scarecrow
  8. Tim Herrington and Dorothy